It may come as a surprise to some to learn that Carbon and Graphite Products are an integral part of our daily life and play a vitally important role in the economy.

Carbon and Graphite Products contribute directly or indirectly to industrial production and engineering, green energy production, communication tools and networks, traditional and e-mobility, safety, health and comfort – in short, to the quality of our lives.

The extraction, production and further manufacturing of the natural graphite as well as the production of synthetic graphite as well as carbon fibres and its composites material provides in Europe up to 40.000 direct and indirect jobs, since it is a supplier to base industriesk as well advanced engineering industries and consumer products.

In 2019 the sector had a turnover of more than 3 billion Euro.

The forum

ECGA provides a formal platform in which the members evaluate the impact of European policies and legislation on the industry and define common positions and actions as well as foster cooperation in technological developments.


The interface

ECGA is the interface between the European carbon and graphite industry and the European authorities as well as  international or intergovernmental bodies. It is comitted to establishing a constructive dialogue with the EU institutions in order to ensure early consultation in all those areas of policy and legislation affecting the industry, and to asser-ting the industry's views and positions.

The advocate

ECGA is the advocate of the European carbon and graphite industry promoting the benefits and values of both the products as well as the industrial sector with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals in general and for the EU society, endeavouring to uphold the industry's interests and raising public awareness accordingly.