The activities of our Association

Around 30 companies in Europe are involved in the production of carbon and graphite from raw materials (petroleum coke, coal tar pitch, natural graphite mining and processing, producing carbon fibres). They turn the carbon and graphite material from a commodity into custom-made end products.

The association, with its office in Brussels, maintains contacts with European and national authorities and other associations, publishes bulletins in the name of the industry and manages committees and ad-hoc teams, directed at promoting the industry ’s activities.

Special activities are developed in the field of environmental protection, health and safety (EHS) and chemical policy (REACH) i.e.:

  • It is the industry's voice to contribute to the EU's raw materials policy.
  • It is the industry's voice commenting on new European and national regulations of environmental relevance.
  • It provides a forum for the exchange of general, non-proprietary methods to reduce emissions and energy consumption and to improve waste prevention.
  • It collects statistics, and exchanges information with other associations, particularly in the USA and Japan.
  • It cooperates with graphite mines and producers around the world.
  • It manages REACH consortia.

Special activities are also developed in the field of trade:

  • It is the industry’s voice regarding import and export regulations.
  • It monitors trends and international EU-trade policy.

If you would like more information, please contact the association at its Brussels office.