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Relevant Markets

The Carbon and Graphite Industry is able to turn the unique properties of natural and synthetic graphite into economic solutions with individualized property profiles. This is key to entering an ever growing number of new markets.

Steel / Aluminium / Silicon Production

  • Carbon and Graphite electrodes melt SiO 2 and steel scrap.
  • Carbon anode and cathode blocks reduce aluminium oxyde to metal.

Automotive Industry

  • Carbon-fibre reinforced ceramic brake discs.
  • Fuel cell components: electrically conductive and corrosion resistant.
  • Long-life engine - from flexible graphite.
  • Spark erosion graphite for moulds and dies.
  • Precision parts for pumps, locking systems etc.
  • Graphite powders for various applications (please see below the document with graphite powder specifications)
  • Brushes for electric motors


  • Mono-crystal pulling with ultrahigh purified graphite components for electronic devices

Chemical / Medical / Environmental

  • Heat exchanger to clean and recycle corrosive media.
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) for high precision diagnosis, X-ray analysis.


Graphite Powder Specifications190.48 KB