REACH Information

General information on REACH related issues:

  • Exemption of natural graphite from REACH (please see attached document for more details).
  • Coal Tar Pitch, high temperature (CTPht): Technical paper on the “intermediate use” of HT CTP in the carbon and graphite industry (please see below for your language version).
  • The last REACH registration deadline for existing chemicals will be on 31 May 2018. This deadline concerns companies that manufacture or import substances in low volumes, between 1-100 tonnes a year.
ECGA Consortia contacts:


Ms. Kasia Palaczanis


ECGA provides the secretariat for the following consortia: 
  • Graphite Consortium (CAS Number:7782-42-5; EC Number:231-955-3)

Lead Registrant: SGL Carbon, SIEF link:

  • Acid Treated Graphite Consortium (CAS Number:90387-90-9; EC Number:291-367-8)
Lead Registrant: Imerys, SIEF link:
  • Sulphuric Acid Treated Graphite Consortium (CAS Number:12777-87-6; EC Number:235-819-4)
Lead Registrant: Imerys, SIEF link:
  • Non-Graphitic Carbon Fibre (CAS Number: 7440-44-0; EC Number: 231-153-3)
Lead Registrant: SGL Carbon, SIEF link:

About ECGA 

The ECGA, the European Carbon and Graphite Association, started in the early 1980’s and reconstructed in its current form, was founded in 1995. 
Its members are the European producers of carbon and graphite products, ranging from carbon cathode blocks and graphite electrodes for the steel, aluminium and silicon industries as well as specialty graphite and carbon fibre  products going into a large variety of applications.
The main objectives of the association are to provide a formal platform in which members evaluate the impact of European policies and legislation on the industry and define common positions and actions.